OST-MOBIL.HU KFT. – Hungary, 2310 Tököl

Since 20 years our company has successfully grown to become a merchandiser of cars coming from the Eastern-European region.

Our main goal is to trade spare parts of old DDR cars. In our warehouse, you can find first of all spare parts of Trabant 601, Trabant 1.1, Wartburg 353, Wartburg 1.3 and Barkas.

We have hundreds of original spare parts from the former DDR. Since it becomes more and more difficult to find such parts, we replace them with new products, made upon the original ones.

In case we don’t find original parts, we try to replace them by removed or renewed parts.

Furthermore our company also deals with the spare parts of cars originated from other Eastern-European countries.

Beside of export and import we also do wholesale and parcel service across Europe and in Hungary.